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Porter's: Several employees in Andrews test positive for coronavirus
Porter's says that several of their employees in Andrews have now tested positive for coronavirus.[read more]

CORONAVIRUS BY THE NUMBERS: Ector County 22, Midland County 24
Here are the numbers of confirmed coronavirus cases in our local counties.[read more]

Two new coronavirus cases confirmed in Midland, total count now at 24
Two new coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Midland on Saturday, bringing their total count to 24.[read more]

Wooden Spool Boutique provides face masks to the community
Local boutique makes masks and is also accepting donations for materials[read more]

Five new coronavirus cases confirmed in Andrews, total count now at 6
Officials announced on Saturday afternoon that Andrews now has six confirmed coronavirus cases.[read more]

Some negative patients may have coronavirus, treated like positive cases
CBS7 received several calls from hospital staff members who expressed concern that these patients may indeed have the virus and could pose a threat. Hospital leaders explain how they handle these odd cases.[read more]

Midland-based ProPetro lays off 388 workers
Midland-based ProPetro announced this week it's laying of more than 380 workers at its facility on FM307, according to RIGZONE.com.[read more]

FBI shares COVID-19 scams to look out for
While people try to make the best of things during the COVID-19 crisis, scammers are taking advantage. CBS7 spoke with the FBI about how you can keep yourself safe.[read more]

Feds recommend Americans wear face masks; NY governor says he’ll seize ventilators
With coronavirus deaths climbing rapidly in New York, the governor announced Friday he will use his authority to take ventilators and protective gear from private hospitals and companies that aren’t using them, complaining that states are competing against each other for vital equipment in eBay-l...[read more]

Seven new coronavirus cases confirmed in Ector County on Friday, total count at 22
Seven new coronavirus cases were confirmed in Ector County on Friday.[read more]