Travis Steele 3p-7p

Travis Steele is a native Texan, a US Army Veteran, and local business owner.   He has lived or worked  in most of the small towns in West Texas, and South Eastern New Mexico.   A small town kid who dreamed of life in radio in his formative years and explored other options.  Choosing instead to become a jack of all trades and the “expert of none” type. By spirit an entrepreneur,  he actually finally found a place in radio by chance…  A reference from a friend leading to an audition for a Talk Radio co host spot.   Five years as a fill in host, ready to go with little to no prep or notice led to a real passion for the listener, and an appreciation for the sponsor,  and an eventual opportunity to host the” Rock Out Till You Clock Out Show” on Classic Rock 102.1.  This  is the premier show for Travis.  Guy next door, co worker type.  Real love for the forum and genre.