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John Clay Wolfe has vast experience in the automotive wholesale industry. Quickly becoming one of America’s Top wholesale car dealers in the late 1990’s, John saw an opportunity to remove the middle-man ‘wholesaler’ from your auto transaction. He has been buying cars from the Houston market for 15 years.

A typical wholesale profit on your car is $500-5,000 dollars. That means that if you don’t get a Real Deal bid when doing your deal, you could be leaving up to $5,000 on the table, for either the retail dealer or wholesaler to profit on your trade in.

Before becoming a Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, and Chevrolet dealer; John matched over 30,000 buyers and sellers of wholesale used cars. He would purchase YOUR wholesale trade-in from XYZ dealership, and sold it for a quick turn profit to ABC dealership. This business model gave him the concept for the Real Deal Dealer Affiliate network.

“The concept is simple”, Wolfe explains, “Traditionally, Lexus’s bring more money to the Lexus dealer than the Chevy dealer, and the Tahoe brings more at the Chevy store than the Lexus store. After tens of thousands of transactions, I have literally memorized the used car market across the United States, and take this knowledge to arm the consumer (non-dealer public) with an offer backed by the best franchise dealers that I know. I don’t make money on the listeners cars, I merely match buyers and sellers through years of dealer relationships, and in doing so can charge a good premium for commercial inventory on my show. The dealers commercials fund this operation, I hand picked em, do business with these guys, I wouldn’t refer you to them if I didn’t trust them myself. I’m like E-Harmony or for the auto industry J…just make certain your profile pic (your car’s description) looks as good in person as it does online. You tell us the truth about what you’ve got, and that will enable us to be accurate with what we’ll pay….

The main difference between me and ‘The Book’, is that I have a check at the end of my opinion. Those appraisal guides give their opinion, but my dealers give you a check behind our opinion”

By linking dealers together in a marketplace of multiple brands, John Clay has empowered YOU with the knowledge that he has, and gets YOU a cash offer on YOUR car from your cities best dealer, that will pay the most for it. All from the convince of your computer or telephone. You can either sell it to a Real Deal Dealer Affiliate, or Trade it in to gain your tax credit. Nonetheless, John turns your car into top market cash for his listeners.

If you don’t let John bid your car before you do your next car deal in your city, the odds are that you left a couple of grand on the table.

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